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By Sallymair

Day 18 Three ladies!

It doesn't seem to matter what shape you are, a saree looks elegant.  I followed these ladies down the road today (there are actually four of them, you can just see the red blouse of the fourth in front of the last on the left)  through the dust, past the piles of cow poo - which are the natural outcome from having cows wandering the streets - and they still looked elegant when they reached their destination.  I on the other hand felt hot, dusty and frumpy in my lightweight trousers and tee shirt.
I have tried to wear a saree and while it looks OK when it is finally on, I find it impossible to put one on without full assistance.  I believe you can now buy ready made ones which may be easier than wrestling with up to 8 metres of fabric.
Visited a saleroom today to organise the purchase of an exercise bike for the physio part off the class I support.  They're a lot cheaper here than at home I can tell you! I also paid a courtesy visit to the Senior pastor in the Diocese who was very welcoming.
Back in school I met a young lady aged 7 with severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine). She comes in daily with her mum and receives some educational and physio input from our class m  I worked with her for a couple of hours she's lovely and had a fair amount of intellectual potential, her physical restrictions though make it hard for people to plan her progress. Hopefully I've been able to pass on some different ideas which may help.
I got home around 4 in time for a 2 hour long power cut... no AC or fan made it difficult to take the wee nap which had been my plan.
I'm having a couple of days off walking as I've met my weekly target,  so only 4000 steps today and I didn't even bother starting Strava.

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