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By Sallymair

Day 19 Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha, it's the......

A palm tree for Joe Tree the founder of blip and Wild Wednesday too for Cailleach. complete with woodpecker. I couldn't get any closer with my phone camera but I'm rather pleased with the silhouette. Those of you of a certain age may recognise the theme tune of the title, those who are not will just have to accept that I've lost it totally!
Two visiting children back in school again today, J who is 4 months came back with her parents who had brought her torches and visual and sensory simulation things such as I had been using with her the other day A also came back, she's 7 and loved playing with the coloured cups and saucers I'd brought. Stacking them up, colour matching, building towers and knocking them down again.
The school correspondent is very keen to improve the school as much as possible so I've given him a shopping list of suggestions. It's hard to get past their notion of using things to the maximum even when they are old and chipped if not actually broken. My maxim of "if I wouldn't give it to my child then I shouldn't give it to somebody else's either" is beginning to be picked up. I hate jigsaws with pieces missing!
Tomorrow I go to Chennai for the weekend so I've been busy packing and getting organised. I can leave the bulk of my stuff in my room here, so that's good. I'm coming to the emery of my 3rd week on India, it's extraordinary how quickly time flies.
I know I said I didn't need to walk at all today but before dinner I decided I should do some exercise, the temperature is much more bearable when the sun is low, so I went to VOC ground and did 6 circuits, so I've done 9000 steps today which I'm quite happy with.

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