By Viewpoint

Lensbaby Glow

Another beautiful day and the crocuses were glowing in the sun so I thought I’d help the glow along and use the lens baby.  I’ve got a mini competition in mind where the theme is soft focus flowers, but I didn’t quite get around to doing more with the images I took yesterday.  One of the problems I have these days is getting low enough to see the screen, even with a flip-out back, (though my knees are better than they were at the moment), so my focus is a bit hit and miss.  I really should have the camera on a tripod and not go in for rather lazy guessing. 

In the end I stayed in the garden and weeded the bed beyond the pond.  I could create a damp garden here as the pond is slowly leaking.  Perhaps I need to research plants before I plant it up again.  

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