Keith B

By keibr

Saturday Afternoon on Tavel Lake

We are back in Tavelsjö (Tavel Lake) for our annual Tai Chi refresher course.  Today, during lunchtime, I walked down to the lake to look at a bit of the 16 km skating track that has been ploughed clear of snow.
There were a lot of people using the track. Sportspeople, whizzing past, families, and friends, some with ordinary skates, others with long distance skates.
Where I accessed the track there were two picnic spots with fires burning and there seemed to be several picnic tables out on the ice. All nicely set up to encourage people out into the fresh air.
The extra shows a bit more of the track, including the impressive width.
My apologies for an almost total lack of comments. Being on the course all day and socialising with friends in the evenings doesn't leave much time over for anything else!

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