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Tug a dug...

Backblipped 16.02.19

Our best friends Agnes and Adrian had the week off work so after spending a couple of days relaxing on a hotel break in Peebles, they came to stay with us for a night.

By happy coincidence, their daughter Emily (our God Daughter) and her boyfriend Sam had been staying at Crieff Hydro overnight and Emily texted me in the morning to see if we would be in as they would like to pop in and see us.  That was a lovely surprise.

Agnes and Adrian arrived just after midday and David and Adrian headed to the golf club for lunch before their round of golf, while Agnes and I stayed at home to wait for the batch of scones I'd made to come out of the oven.

Once the scones were safely nestled within two clean tea towels, Agnes and I headed out for lunch too.  After a brief debate about where to go, we ended up at the golf club too.  Our husbands were just waiting for their lunches to be served and both looked very sheepish when the waitress arrived at the table with not just their toasted paninis, but two portions of chips too!  Ha!  caught!  So much for the healthy eating they'd both been banging on about!  Agnes and I ordered salad with ours polishes halo.

The guys headed off to play their round and Agnes and I lingered over coffee and chatted till a text arrived from Emily to say her and Sam were on their way.

It was really lovely to see them both and catch up.  Lola of course was very happy to see them and wasted no time in instigating a game of tug with Emily.

Emily has had  a complete change of mind on the career front (she's been studying drama) and in the middle of last year decided she wanted to study marine biology.  She looked at the courses offered by various Scottish universities and realising she would need Higher maths at B or above (she got a C at school) she immediately enrolled and will sit her Higher maths exam in May.  She's been offered a place at Aberdeen uni and is still waiting to hear from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling.  Any course other than Stirling will mean relocation and finding a new flat.  She is completely unfazed by this.  I wish I'd had an ounce of her confidence at age 20.

Her boyfriend Sam is studying photography so we had lots to chat about.  I was really interested to hear about his assignments and his approach to them.  Everyone else's eyes glazed over!  lol

Emily and Sam accepted my offer of dinner  so it was a lovely extended visit.

David and Adrian arrived back from golf full of the joys.  David had just played his best round ever (round in 81.  First time he's broken 90! And Adrian round in 89 :-) so celebrations all round.

Agnes is vegetarian and normally I cook a separate meal for her, but this time we all had the same; stuffed garlic field mushrooms,  chillii halloumi burgers on toasted buns with red pepper and smoked paprika hummus, homemade onion and mango relish, salad and potato wedges.   Apple crumble and custard or ice cream for pudding.  

Emily and Sam left and us four oldies settled down with our drinks and our contentment.  Also planning our return trip to Aberfeldy in December.  We all agree that this has now become an annual event :-)

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