By Wildwood

Musical Beds

Our new painter, Carol has been trying to get here since Tuesday when her car broke down and she had to have it towed. She was told she needed a new transmission for $6.000 so she bought a new car. She arrived in it this morning and went straight to work sanding the kitchen drawers and cupboard doors down in our garage. They had gotten sticky and uncleanable so we decided to start over. She was able to sand off the top coat coat but the primer underneath was actually gummy and had to be scraped off. 

The temperature in the garage hasn't gone above 49F today so I made her coffee and took her a little space heater. She said she wanted to be sure the primer dried before she put the paint on top. Everything from the kitchen cupboards and drawers is now on top of the dining table or the kitchen counter. Hope it doesn't take the paint too long to dry....

Blake came last night for a short stay. It is Presidents' Day and a holiday on Monday. (I liked the sign I saw somewhere that said something like 'Celebrating 43 out of 44 presidents'). Dana and Jim have gone down the California coast to visit the boys in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Blake is here trying to ace Ozzie out of his bed. 

They're getting bored. Time to take them out for a walk....

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