By EnergiaRenovar

Happy Saturday

I went hiking with my co-worker today. I got up early, printed up forms to send my Fuji to the repair shop along with the note that Dan had spoken to Bob about giving me a new camera under warranty,* packed it up, sent it off, and got a haircut. I felt incredibly productive getting so much done on a Saturday morning. Usually I just sleep in and then make breakfast. 

*Two separate people suggested I encourage Fuji to replace the camera to retain my loyalty. Well, I didn't do it like that, but figuring the most they could do is say no I offered them the fabulous opportunity to give me a new camera, laughing while I did so, on the premise that it did not meet their high standards. To my astonishment they verbally agreed! We will see...

We went hiking. We were trying to pick a moderate trail so my 11 year old dog would be ok but I realized it was too ambitious, too steep, too long. We went to a different but nearby park and took a much gentler trail to a different waterfall. The parks are the only place in the entire state to still have snow. The second path was gentler but icier, so it was much easier on Samuel and much scarier for me. 

Finally, finally, I got an opportunity to take a long exposure on a waterfall. I brought my tripod. I brought ND filters. I didn't need the ND filters because it was so dark. A nice man asked if I was published. I'm thinking he asked because I cared enough to bring a tripod and to be very specific about exactly where I wanted to set up. 

The blip: it really appeared to me, esp with the shadow, that the water fountain was a sitting figurine. 

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