Meet Lenny!

A wonderful day in Surrey today with my brother and his family and at the moment they have an extra member in their household as they are doggy sitting for friends who are away in Australia!  So Lenny the Springer Spaniel is their house guest for the next 3 weeks and has already stolen their hearts so I don't think they're going to be able to give him back when his family return!

He's a typical springer though so he lives life at full pelt 24/7, so was in full excitable mode today with us being there and loved all the extra attention and had great fun on a walk over the golf course with us this afternoon - think it wore us out more than him!

Lovely to see my family again too - had lots of fun with my nephew and niece! Our project for the day was to build the Eiffel Tower with one of those light up 3D jigsaw puzzles and I have to admit to being impressed by the final result! Might be tempted to get some myself!

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