Soft foam

Spent a couple of hours out at Sandy Beach this morning and, as a consequence, I am having great difficulty in choosing shots - so plenty of extras.  The waves were breaking far out and crested with large plumes of vapor.  Beautiful sets, then re-forming waves again on their way in.  The beach was sporting a definite drop edge. 

1.   Now . .   what . . . ?
2.    Delicate blinders      (This reminds me of a scene from 'The Piano' film where the two lovers have returned to England and she is walking up and down trying out her voice, wearing just such a delicate handkerchief to concentrate.) 
3.   What's SUP?
4.    Bailing out
5.    Sanded foam, love the ragged edges
6.    A glimpse of the future
7.    Hey Joe  . . .   not now, I'm busy  . . .

This is my second and last entry in the water challenge.

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