By USAHIhifriends

Highwire - and - whales

The Super American Circus  is coming to town next week.  As a preview, Blake Wallenda from the famous "Flying Wallendas" family performed a skywalk from Ala Moana Hotel's 14th floor on a 200-foot wire.  It was on the backside of the hotel and the Ala Moana Shopping Center closed a portion of its top deck parking lot to allow people a good vantage point to congregate there.    The entire walk was about 4 minutes, once across, right to left.   But he paused about midway with one leg bent like a stork, and then - when he was about three quarters of the way across - he started to run!!  The interesting thing looking at the shots later was the different placement of his feet when he ran.  He walked with his full feet on the wire, but ran with them splayed out, using his arch instead.   It was thrilling to see!  No tether or net was used.  I like this shot because it shows another set of balconies against the overcast sky and it looks like the sky is another building wall behind him - slightly disorientating.

And there were whales offshore this morning!    Put the best one in my extra.   

Ran errands since we were out, and then had some friends visiting from CA over in late afternoon.

Celebrating Presidents' Day in the USA today (altho not our current one) which meant some places were closed.

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