Robin at large

By Robin

10 Degrees Cold

A year or more ago I bought a variable neutral density filter. I then lost track of where I put it and so until today I have never used it. The other day I happened to find it, It was in the camera bag and I have been carrying the filter around ever since I got it. So I decided today I would experiment with it.

Things did not go particularly well, The wind was quite strong and very cold. The result was that after a few minutes I decided it was too cold so I gave up. I had already rejected the beach due to the wind, I now gave up on the harbour as well. I will wait for slightly more clement weather.

I think my profile might say I am a fair weather photographer. Today was certainly an example. The thermometer said the temperature was 10 degrees. It certainly did not feel like it, the wind was really cool and must have at least halved the temperature with the wind chill.

Not much stuff going on here, but I thought I would tag it for Mono Monday anyway!

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