Robin at large

By Robin

Bridge House

I have visited Ambleside in the Lake District a couple of times, and on one occasion walked through the Bridge House when it was open.

The Bridge House was built over 300 years ago and has been used as a counting house for the mills of Rattle Ghyll, a tea-room, a weaving shop, a cobbler's, a chair maker's and, at one time, a home to a family of eight.

At some point I bought this souvenir of my visit. The original is already tiny, how it could cater for a family of eight is a mystery to me. This model is by Lilliput Lane. As I was photographing the model it occurred to me I have not seen their models in the shops recently. They were originally based in Penrith, not far from Ambleside. Sadly I see they ceased production in 2016, a pity as they produced very nice models.

The photograph was taken in a dark room, and the model is illuminated by torch light. I was going to superimpose the image of the model on to a background, but I do not seem to have anything suitable readily to hand. Thus it stands alone in the darkness.

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