Train Spotting

I was walking along Union Terrace when I spotted a train slowly trundling past. Luckily I had a camera almost ready to grab a shot of this rare phenomenon. No time to worry about settings, just time to snap a picture before this almost extinct species disappeared from view.

To be truthful I have seen trains occasionally on this bit of track heading northwards from Aberdeen, and no doubt there is a regular if infrequent service.

The construction of the latest office block, hotel, student accomodation, apartment block continues. The planning permission has been altered several times to align with the state of the local economy. It was to be student accommodation, but I think an application was made to change this.

The church spire is listed and could not be demolished, so the new building has largely absorbed it. Not the prettiest spire, and maybe not worth preserving in my opinion.

I had to drop off some papers at an office in the centre this morning, following which I had a wander round town. The day was mostly cloudy though it remained dry, having rained overnight. The sky obviously is not as it actually appeared on the day.

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