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3 Years in Community Ownership...

Today marks the three year anniversary of the community takeover of this site. Many of you will have come with us on that journey; some of our newer members may not know the interesting story of our site. If that’s the case, welcome, and perhaps wander over to this page to learn a bit more. 

A key thing to know is the community owns this site themselves. The paid memberships keep the servers running and development happening. A small group of unpaid volunteers manage the site and the community interaction (especially via the Community journal run by Michele and her helpers). If you’ve recently joined the site and are enjoying it, would you perhaps consider buying a membership or donating and allowing us to do even more? 

We believe Blipfoto is one of the friendliest places on the Internet and we’re proud to see it still going strong after 3 years of community ownership. Thank you for all of your Blips!

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