Too much Stuff (MM265)

I am generally in the when in doubt, fling it out camp although you might not see that were you to look at my desk :-)

The film cans are awaiting the start of steveng_film
The two memory sticks remember those things I have forgotten why I need to remember them
The WiFi adaptor is for when my power-line adaptors have a falling out
The video connector adaptor came with my new video card and has not been needed (yet)
The 1Gbyte memory card - is Rachel's
The batteries were in a camera bag I appear to have been left with, from a film camera I never owned
As for the matches - I have no idea!

I did dust the desk a few days back - just not very effectively it appears :-)

7 images stacked together in Helicon Focus, and the 5D2 had an excursion too.

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday on the theme of stuff.

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