Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I was laughing at the gloom of the afternoon as we left the car in Glen Massan to walk up the gorge to the upper glen - it seemed crazy to be setting off into the dark clouds that lay in front of us. But then I turned away from the road to look at the felled forest beside me and was struck by the almost luminous quality of the dead grass, with the new trees poking up through it. We managed to get pretty wet, though the shower was relatively short-lived, but I was glad to knock up the magic 10,000 steps (including a steep hill) and feel I was back on the road to normality.

We turned aside at the top of the road to see for ourselves the monstrous results of a bit of fly-tipping on a side track. What kind of person would dump a great heap of trash - sinks, broken furniture, a vacuum cleaner, a hi-fi speaker and at least four Fray Bentos pie tins - in a forest road several miles from town? However, when I got home I read on Facebook that someone has been arrested and charged, which is brilliant news. I feel quite vengeful about them.

And then we got the sad news that our London family's cat had been put to sleep this afternoon after a sudden decline in her health. She was 20, and had been a part of the family since before they were even married, long before the boys were born. It's hard to think of their house without Ginny in it. Life doesn't half move along these days ...

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