Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Tuna no more...

This pretty complex on the shore where we had a pit-stop this morning was once a tuna-processing factory; apparently the old-fashioned method of fishing lost out to far-Eastern competition when the competitors modernised before the Portuguese did and their trade suffered.

Hilariously, we had a difficult walk out to the beach along a path beside a tiny railway, jostled all the way by local Lycra-clad power-walkers/joggers who clearly resented our daring to walk normally and made their displeasure plain. Vocally. Let’s say the bi-lingual banter was ... vigorous.

We lost them, however, on a 2.5k walk along a fab sandy beach that reminded us of Berneray. The sky was blue, the sea glittered, and we saw a couple of anglers land sea-bass of quite a size.

Later we had a ride on a water-taxi and walked home past the salt-pans. There were flamingos. And did I mention there wasn’t a cloud all day?

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