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Calne (Tuesday 19th February 2019)

Most of yesterday was spent investigating the box sets received from Germany the previous day, some 23 discs in total. Just as well, as I found that one of the boxes contained two copies of one disc and none of another. I contacted Amazon Germany in the afternoon suggesting I return the duplicate disc in exchange for the correct one but this was too sophisticated for their returns form and by lunchtime today a replacement box-set had already arrived, obliging me to pack up and send off the whole original Kate Bush box of eleven discs at a cost of £15 postage (which I trust they will refund). So much for German efficiency.

On my way to the Post Office I spotted these croci, that I think have been recently planted by Calne Council's trusty gardening team.

19.2.2019 (1643 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 M4/3 compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
John Surman - Winding Passages (recorded January 1999 for ECM)
John Surman (baritone sax) with Chris Laurence (double bass) and Trans4mation: Rita Manning, Keith Pascoe (violins), Bill Hawkes (viola) and Nick Cooper (cello).
Iggy Pop played this on his Six Music show a while ago. If you haven't heard his programme (Iggy Pop Confidential, Friday nights from 1900hr) you might be surprised at the variety of excellent music he shares. This one was new to me but I remember seeing John Surman in the sixties in Birmingham when he was in the Mike Westbrook Band. Surman was born 30 August 1944 in Tavistock, Devon

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