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The Old Forge (Wednesday 19th February 2020)

As arranged, a team from Solar Energy returned today to connect the solar battery to the mains but were surprised to find that no scaffolding had been installed. I’d heard no more about it since the previous team had left. However, they settled on a different route to the loft that wouldn’t need any and set to work. They were critical of the earlier team and re-installed the units in the loft far more neatly, as shown in my blip (compared to that of last Thursday). They were finished by early afternoon and showed me how everything worked and how I could monitor everything from my iPad. One of them kindly refitted some plastic guttering that Dennis had dislodged. My panels were once again generating electricity and any surplus was sent to the battery that was charging up for the first time.

All was well until I came to use my broadband and found only the wireless connection in the same room as the router and the cable to the battery monitor were working. Obviously I reset the router, switching boxes, Sky box, smart TV (no TV streaming!), computers, Home plugs and everything possible but to no avail. I rang the firm who spoke to the engineer, but he said they’d only added one cable and hadn’t altered anything, and recommending contacting my ISP.

Working out how to get my photo onto the iPad without the WWW, so I could blip it, was another challenge. As I said last week, nothing isn’t complicated, ever. I’ll have to add all the other bits and pieces when my PC is back online.

19.2.2020 (1834 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 M4/3 compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Six Organs Of Admittance - Actaeon's Fall (Against The Hounds) (2009)
From their album Luminous Night, I found this on a collection of new psych-rock tracks collected by Uncut for their Seeing For Miles CD in their October 2009 edition that I was replaying in the outbuilding, where I worked while the electricians were all over the Old Forge.

One year ago:
Calne (Crocuses)

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