Such Things Give Me The Pip

Not orange pips but the peel from such , in this case on a BVG bus under the seat in front of  where the moron who peeled it and ate it  sat. Is it too much to take  rubbish upon leaving a bus .Note:) eating on transport is forbidden .The moron in question clearly can't read pictures setting this out ...Here's the irony.
Pip is an avian sickness  which affects poultry . Getting on someone's pip means to annoy or irritate .Never met a bird who annoyed me but loads of people with their dirty scummy  ways .
Such types are in need of spikes to prevent them sitting yea, even boarding .....Not a rant , merely a blip and how I feel re such
* Now something beautiful & avian .A link to a tiny 39 seconds video of a skein of geese flying over the city,  'people watching' maybe .It was worth dropping all my shopping . 
Dont Blink Or You'll Miss  

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