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(Umbilicus rupestris)

The stone walls of Devon are covered in new growth of pennywort, with its small, round leaves. I'd never heard of the plant until I read its name in a Charles Causley poem. As a Cornish poet, he, too, must have seen it growing all over the west country walls. Now I can put an image to the name, but never see it without thinking of Causley's poem:

High on the wall
Where the pennywort grows
Polly Penwarden
Is painting her toes.

One is purple
And two are red
And two are the colour
Of her golden head.

One is blue
And two are green
And the others are the colours
They've always been.

from Going to the Fair - Charles Causley
isbn 978 0 670 85565 0

Seems I blipped them in flower nearly five years ago!

Thanks to wrperry for hosting the Tiny Tuesday challenge.

And thanks to all who visited my yesterblip and sprinkled kind words, stars and hearts. All highly valued.

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