Life through the lens...

By ValC

The real Cottingley Fairies.

My Tiny Tuesday Blip.
A beautiful painting of these dainty little fairies.
A painting by Claude Arthur Shepperson.An illustration from Princess Mary’s Gift Book, published in raise money to send a Christmas gift to each of the soldiers stationed abroad.

In 1917, two girls copied these drawings.
Then cut out figures, and photographed them in Cottingley Woods.
They fooled many people into believing that they had really seen Fairies in the woods, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
It was’nt until 1983 that Elsie admitted they were fake.
I can’t believe that Conan Doyle hadn’t realised how much they were like the drawings in the book, as he actually contributed a story in the same book.
The book which I treasure,belonged to my Grandmother.
Some lovely short stories, and poems, and beautiful illustrations.
One I especially like is by J.M.Barrie. Entitled,
“ A Holiday in Bed”.
Lovey drawings and a painting by W. Russell Flint.
Wonder if I should try it!

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