The Food Department

Dobbies continues the promised Exciting Redevelopment with everything moved to new locations. The cafe area is now where the food shop had been, though greatly reduced in capacity and using disposable cups and plates. Here, where the cafe entrance used to be, is to become the new food shop. At present stock is scattered, awaiting arrangement on shelves, mixing books with jams, crisps and such. The access is through a kitchenware section (one wonders how this will impact on Lakeland Ltd, in their onsite shop) Meanwhile, the plants have moved into the area last seen under concrete.

After lunch we were in the Gyle Shopping Mall, to have a nose-piece replaced on my glasses - I only bought these as those on my rimless specs popped off every time I cleaned them and I was so sick of begging for replacements. The nose-pieces on my current style are screwed on so don't fall off. No, they break.

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