An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A little red rose... sincerely thank you wonderful blippers for all the blip love shown to me on my 8th Blipday yesterday.  Your wonderful comments, stars and hearts brought a lump to my throat.  

It's such a pleasure and a privilege to share this amazing corner of cyberspace with you.  Hooray for Blip!  :-)))  I just wish I was better at visiting all your journals and commenting regularly but eight years down the line, it's just impossible to keep up....but rest assured I keep trying my best (and on that note I haven't managed to thank everyone individually yet, but I will!  :-) 

In other news, I had my monthly lunch time get together at Gloagburn with my friends Fiona and Janice today.  At the table next to us was an older couple (75+) who arrived, ordered coffee, read newspapers, ordered lunch then after finishing with coffee and cake, put their jackets on and left without uttering a single word to each other the whole time they were there!   We became fascinated by them.  

Various reasons for their silence were put forward; they'd been together for so long that they'd run out of things to say to each other?  Marital tiff?  Throat infections? Sponsored silence?  Complete strangers sharing a table?

For some reason my suggestion that they'd recently met on Tinder and both being shy were having a very awkward first date, was deemed unlikely by my lunch companions well you never know! but in the end we settled on them being happily married for so long that companionable silence was the default position :-))

Looking forward to a visit tomorrow from Andrew, Nikki and my favourite little chunk Esme.  Andrew's inappropriate birthday card arrived today.  He loved it!  Phew!  :-)))

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