An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Apparently 2555 divided can't find the division symbol on this bliddy macbook by 365 = 7, so that means today I am celebrating 7 years of blipping!!  7 years?  How the Blip did that happen?! 

Seven years feels like no time at all, yet when I started blipping :-

I was 44 years old, as was David just young things!
Alan was 14 years old and still at school.
We lived in a different house in a different town.
We both had busy and demanding jobs.  
Sharing our lives with a Golden Retriever was a dream for the distant future.
The idea of having a garden with a Gin Palace was nowhere on my radar.
I was only used to point and shoot cameras and the only photos I took were family snaps on holiday or on special occasions. 

Seven years down the line and all of that has changed.

I started blipping with an Olympus E-450 and within a year moved onto a Canon EOS 60D then in November 2015, upgraded to the full frame Canon 6D.  
These days, despite still loving my Canon, I seem to spend most of my time capturing my blips on my iPhone.  Something that I would never have done when I started blipping, as the main point of blipping for me was learning how to use my camera and taking the best shots I could.  

As time has gone on I have become a lazy cow little complacent when it comes to the quality of the photos I blip, and it's the journal aspect of it that I place the emphasis on now, although that can be a bit hit and miss as well!

I do fantasise though, about the day there will be a knock on my door and some sour-faced policeman will look at me with a raised eyebrow and say "So Damonnii, can you tell me exactly where you were, who you were with and what you were doing on 26th July 2012?" and can look him straight in the eye and say, "Actually yes.  I can."  :-))

Anyway, enough waffling.  Back to blipping.  

Thanks to blip, I now have 2555 images plus many, many more that without this daily ritual just wouldn't exist.   Blip transports me all over the world and sometimes just a few miles down the road.  All from the comfort of my armchair :-) and I have made many, many wonderful blip friends, some of whom I have met, most I haven't and some I plan to.  And that is the true pleasure of blip for me.  You lot. You have kept me coming back on a daily basis for 7 years!  I applaud you all :-)

Sadly these days I am pretty rubbish at keeping up to date with all of your wonderful journals but I do try, and when I do, it's always a pleasure to look at your amazing photos and read your thoughts and find out what you've been up to.  I also appreciate every comment, star and heart you leave on my journal.  It is such a pleasure to have your company. 

I usually try to make a bit of an effort with my blip day photos, sometimes even being brave and posting a self portrait.  Sadly this blip day snuck (is that a word? :-) up on me so no time for that.  Instead I have treated you to a portrait of me age 4, in my extras .  I found the photo in my recent rummage in the family archive and it made David laugh, so hopefully, it will give you a bit of a giggle too :D  

For all you lovely Blippers  xxx

PS Don't tell anyone, but my actual 7th Blipday is 3rd April but since Archive blips are now counted, I have reached 2555 blips early.  No worries, happy to celebrate officially today and officially on the 3rd April :-) 

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