An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

That's the way the cookie crumbles...


Tuesday 21st February is the official date of completion of our building work.  

H, the big builder boss, Jamie the architect and Chris the surveyor will all be descending upon us on Tuesday afternoon to go over the place with a fine tooth comb and hopefully agree that we have reached practical completion. even though there will be some small jobs to finish.

In view of this I thought some home baking for the crew would be in order as part celebration of reaching this stage and part thanks for being the best building team ever.  

My plan was to make my mega oat cookies and Empire biscuits today.  A victoria sponge tomorrow and scones fresh out the oven on Tuesday morning.

I've made the oat cookies  loads of times and set about the task with gusto.  I figured it would be sensible to make double the amount as usual so seconds were available if required.  It doesn't take long and soon the first two batches were in the oven and lovely smells were wafting through the house.

Exactly 18 minutes later I opened the oven and reached in expecting to see the usual lovely golden cookies, to be met with much smaller, crisp at the edges and puffed up in the middle, odd looking things.

A moment of confusion then the penny dropped.  I'd used plain flour instead of self raising.  I said a very bad word.   Why is it when I bake for us it turns out fine, but when I bake for others, it's a disaster?!  

I wasn't going to bother with the second batch but went ahead.  In the end they turned out ok as despite their odd appearance, they still taste good.  

I was still grumpy though and my plans to make Empire biscuits fell by the wayside.

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