An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Speed Demon...

In spite of our late night, we were all up bright and early at the crack of 10am :-))))  Well apart from one of us who didn't show face till gone 11am, mentioning no names Gail :-)

We had a leisurely brunch.  Gail, Kenny and I lingered over coffee while David and Ele took Lola for her first walk of the day.  Gail headed home then David, Alan and Alan's PAs Jordan and Ashleigh headed off to Snow Factor at Braehead for Alan's long overdue skiing experience.  

We first booked this about 18 months ago but due to Alan's illness and subsequent surgery and ongoing issues, we had to postpone, but today was the day.  And he loved it!  He was on the snow for a hour and after the first trial run from half way up the slope, Lauren (the ski lady - technical term :-) took him to the top and they skied from the top of the slope thereafter.

You can see from his smile afterwards how much he enjoyed it and he said he's definitely going to do it again.  He is such a speed demon!  

Ele and Kenny left not long after David and Alan, and Lola and I had the house to ourselves.  I took the chance to listen to an Australian radio tribute show to forty years of Kate Bush and really enjoyed it.  I organised birthday cards for the rest of the February and March birthdays and even managed to squeeze in a short nap.  Of course I could have been taking care of many more practical and urgent tasks but they'll still be there tomorrow.  Very kind of them to wait :-)

Have been watching the BAFTAs on TV thinking we really must make more of an effort to see current films.   The last film I saw at the cinema was One Day, way back in 2011!

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