By Teasel

Bile Beans

After a good night’s sleep, I woke quite early, so snuck out for a wee walk before breakfast. I  went down by the river and could see that although it was still flooded,  the level had dropped.  When I got back, BB was still asleep (I had woken him to tell him that I was going out!).  I therefore woke him up again as he was very much looking forward to breakfast and he wasn’t disappointed.  He had cereal, a cooked breakfast and pastries and pancakes and took some fruit back to the room.  I have no idea where he puts it all!  He did say he needed a lie down afterwards!

It was a lovely day and we had decided that we were going to walk around the walls, which we did, with lots of deviations and interesting diversions as we went.  We ended up at Clifford’s Tower, which I had never visited before, and were rewarded by amazing views all around York.

We then wandered into the centre of York and eventually BB declared he was hungry, but only wanted a sandwich.  That was easily dealt with and he was happy to sit outside to eat it.  We wandered up The Shambles, to find it has been taken over by Harry Potter shops – I guess it resembles Diagon Alley.  After a bit more wandering we resumed our walk on the walls and got all the way round and back to our hotel.  We chilled out for a while before heading to a lovely art deco  cinema to see the Lego Movie 2.  It was as mad as the first one!

BB was quite weary afterwards and although we had planned our dinner venue, he didn’t want to go.  We just headed back to our hotel and I picked up a few bits and pieces which kept us going.

I can never resist a good ghost sign.  This one has been rejuvenated in recent times.  The extra shows Cliffords Tower.

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