By Teasel


It was a glorious morning, the wind had dropped and the sun was out – perfect for a run, alas I had no time as there was last minute packing to be done, as well as a few chores.  TT drove BB and I into Edinburgh to  catch the train to York – for a few days away.  Our seats were across from an Irish card game – which went on till Newcastle!  All in all it wasn’t a very quiet carriage, for a  quiet carriage.  The journey to York passed quite quickly – even though we were sitting on the wrong side – I prefer to be ion the coast side!  BB ate his way through the journey, having resisted our picnic till Dunbar!

Our hotel was only ten minute’s walk from the station, and we were quickly checked in and settled into our room.  We then headed out for a wander into town only to discover the river was flooded.  Having had very little rain for ages, we were surprised, but I heard later from my in laws that they had had a lot of rain over the past couple of days, which explained the flood.  That ruled out a walk along the river, so we wandered round the city centre, stopping for a lovely browse in Waterstones, where BB picked a book and I was recommended a couple of books by two lovely book sellers.  I bought them both!  We enjoyed the Minster bell ringing as we wandered past, and made our way back to the hotel where we chilled out with BB playing a game and me reading my book.

Later we went out for pizza, then wandered home and had an early-ish night.

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