By Teasel

Wind and Sand-blasted

BB is now on holiday, and so am I.  There was no rugby this morning, so I thought I would go for a run, but as I lay in bed, I could hear the wind outside, so I wasn’t feeling very keen.  TT on the other hand, did go out for a run.  He was exhausted when he got back – which made my mind up for me about whether to run.  He said he had really struggled running into the wind, especially the last mile or so, which is all uphill.  At least he did it.  I on the other hand finished reading my book –Anatomy of a Scandal - which I have enjoyed .

Apart from the howling wind it was a nice day, so we headed over to Tyninghame and went for a walk.  We have been meaning to go there for a walk since the Christmas holidays, but haven’t quite made it, so today was the day.  It was a really lovely walk and the beach was practically deserted apart from a few mad souls like us and their dogs.  We were well and truly wind and sand blasted by the time we got back to the car.

We then headed to the Smeaton tea room for a late lunch and then dragged BB on another (short) walk, round Smeaton pond to check out the snowdrops.  He wasn’t keen, as he had already been for a  walk today!  The pond was still frozen – I think because it doesn’t get much sunlight.  There were carpets of snowdrops looking lovely in the late afternoon sunshine.  It was then home to think about packing a bag and get myself organised for a couple of days away, start a new book and enjoy a gin and tonic.  Later there was Bowie on the TV.

Here is Tyninghame Beach, with the extra showing BB and the snowdrops!

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