By Teasel

Over The Bridge

The weather was ghastly this morning.  A I was chivvying BB on to get ready for school, I was also sorting out my running kit, though I wasn’t very keen.  Just after BB left for school, the rain was battering off the front of the house, it was at that point I decided that it wasn’t such a good morning for a run.  BB re-appeared about thirty seconds after he left, seeking reassurance that it was a dress down day.  As far as I knew it was, so sent him off again, as he reassured himself that his registration teacher had reminded them yesterday.

I then listened to a bit of Bob Mortimer on Desert Island Disks, before heading down into town to meet a friend.  We met in the bank, where she was paying her sponsor money in – and then went to a local café, where we were joined by another friend.  We had a good old blether and catch up and then went to the supermarket.  As I was walking home it was really bright and sunny with a glorious blue sky, but my goodness it was windy.

BB appeared home after orchestra and prepared himself to go and meet a friend at the swimming pool.  They both appeared back later in the afternoon, and I had a slight panic as what to give them for tea as it needed to be gluten free.  Amazingly I managed to rustle something up, which they scoffed.  

BB had scouts and after I had dropped him off I came home and cooked for TT and myself – making a veggie stew, which would have fed an army! 

Later I dozed in front of the TV.

When the boys went swimming I went for a walk by the river to make up for my lack of a run, and I spotted a kingfisher.  I was far too slow to blip it, so here is a view looking in the opposite direction to last Friday’s blip.  The extra shows the setting of last Friday’s aconite extra in St Mary’s Pleasance.

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