Soup, Tea and Coffee

It was my turn to get BB out to school this morning.  He was reasonably efficient this morning, which makes a change.  I made it to the station in time and there was a train, and I got a seat.  My day seemed to be going too well.  Work was busy with lots to catch up on and a few loose ends to tidy up – as it was my last day in the office for over a week.  Hurrah!

I was on a later train home than I should have been, and had five minutes to get myself changed and to then get BB back out to football.  I met my friend S and we walked while the boys kicked a football.

It was then home to find that TT was just in, so there was no tea.  I found some odds and ends and set him a Ready Steady Cook stir fry challenge, while I made sure BB got himself showered and sorted out.

Later I discovered Dinnerladies on a random TV channel.  TT and I settled down and had a great laugh, it is so well written.

It seemed like for the first time in weeks, I was able to go out at lunchtime for a very quick walk – and I managed to get a blip while I was at it.

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