Grey Edinburgh

TT was off to work at the crack of dawn.  Given he worked late last night, he should have just taken a sleeping back to the office.  I struggled to get BB moving,. But made it for my train in reasonable time. A colleague and I discovered, at last, why our analysis and interpretations of a paper was slightly different.  He had been using an earlier version of the paper, and the figures in it had been updated in the final version which I was analysing.  We both thought we were going mad – especially as we had been told that the numbers hadn’t changed between the versions – that clearly wasn’t  the case!

We had our Divisional meeting this afternoon, when we were briefed about the structural changes which will come into effect in the next couple of weeks.  As suspected, my team should not be unduly affected – but time will tell.

After a crushed train journey, I collected BB from after school club and it was home for tea and homework before heading out to the Valentine party at school.  I was helping at it and the children were super excited.  They had a great time, and we helpers were just glad when it was all over!

I wandered up Calton Hill at lunchtime, but it was a bit of a grey day.  Nevertheless, here is grey Edinburgh on a grey day.


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