The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Tiny Dragons

I have these teeny dragons/ wizards with crystal balls from when I was a teenager and I still love them.

I cannot wait for the final series of Game of Thrones and it isn't too long now.

I had another work from home day so to get the steps in I had a walk up to the high street and fed the canal birds on the way there.  It was a reasonably productive day - 2.5 weeks left til my last day there.  It's going to be so hard to leave but I know it is the right thing.

Tomorrow I am up at 5am and up in Notts for the day.

I got another run in - aching quite a bit now.
Made a nice dinner - love my spag bol even if I do say so myself and got some more clothes folded.

Will be nice to see everyone in the office tomorrow even if it does mean I'm up at 5 am.

Thankful for:
- having perfected the spag bol recipe
- sticking to the diet
- actually sticking to the running and getting on the treadmill today
- morning cuddles with Rosie - best bit of working from home
- getting through the clothes folding - a little bit more I think before bed :)

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