Sunrise, Sunset and Owl

Sums up my day  : )

As is my tradition, I always go watch the sunrise on my birthday. I broke my own rules, and climbed the ice 'mountains' to see the water.  Somehow, the full beauty is best reflected in water. It was a very heavy cloud cover and the moonset was not visible with the cloud to the west...but from the east, I was blessed with an opening of pure colour and beauty.

From there, I drove to the woods for a quick walk around. I spotted sleepy-head in her favourite grove of trees. I thought she would be busy hunting.  Did you know that the depth of snow determines if nocturnal owls, like the Barred Owl, hunt during the day?  The Vole is their main 'dish' of choice and if the snow is deep it is more difficult to hunt, forcing owls to continue to hunt when they can.  I imagine the warmth of the sun brings the voles to the surface more as well.

After work, I returned for another walk around.  The wildlife were slowly stirring after their traumatic day yesterday and I saw quite a bit which was wonderful. 

On the way home, I was once again blessed to see such a beautiful sunset.  I pulled over to take this shot. I would have taken more but apparently, I was blocking the exit to a cemetery and someone blew their horn at me  ; )  Funny really...

What an amazing day...a good day to celebrate  : )))

D x

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