Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

A Hump Day and a birthday....therefore, a lack of commenting yesterday and a blip that is basically a backblip!  After a busy day at work, I went out to spend some time in my happy place.  Cold and very icy but that made it all the more special really - no people ;)

The Cardinals were plentiful and friendly.  I liked this male the most as he was so 'lit' by the snow and ice around I love when they cock their head to look at you like that.  In extras, I have included a shot of Belle (video on my fb timeline).  As I walked around I encountered, Old Boy, Eddie, Mr. Handsome, Long Ears, SweetPea, Brownie.....and Belle.  I was just about to leave and some woodpeckers caught my eye so stopped to photograph them.  Heard something on the ice and turned and there was Belle!  She literally came three feet from my elbow - so difficult to get a decent shot when she is that close and I  have my  70-300mm on!  Not complaining though as it is no longer about the photo when I see her...

Picked up my daughter, went for dinner (ice cream - I kid you not!), long chat with my son, long chat with my folks.  A super day celebrating my way  :))

Hope you all celebrated the day!

D x

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