Everyday Life

By Julez


These are some of the books I have read, am reading, and that are waiting to be read this year. I am aiming for 52 over the course of the year! My Kindle, in the Cheshire cat case, is also here as several of the books are on there. 

Nothing beats the feel of a real book, but e-readers have advantages - some of my books are quite big and heavy - much easier to take my Kindle out than them! I take a book virtually everywhere. 

I have been to the hairdressers today and read a book on my Kindle whilst waiting for my colour to take. Much better than the celebrity gossip mags they have available!

Work later, but I feel like going to sleep. I slept very well last night, but feel like I could drift off again every time I sit down! I nearly fell asleep having my hair washed today! One of the many delights of an underactive thyroid apparently!

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