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By NatureWatcher

Painting the window display

I popped into Oswestry this afternoon and spotted this pirate (Captain Hook from Peter Pan?) World Book Day display being painted on the window of our brilliant independent bookshop Booka.  The shop is a mix of books and gifts for sale and coffee shop, they arrange talks from authors on a variety of topics too. The windows always have eye catching displays that are regularly changed so they're a great advert. We're  lucky having such a great shop in the town.

I will be missing from Blip for a couple of days after tomorrow.  I'm going into new Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton for open heart surgery for a leaking heart valve.  Unfortunately my consecutive daily blips (over 5 years) will have some missing days as I shall be in intensive care for 1-2 days and phones are not allowed. I even have to send my clothes home so that will stop me escaping! 

I go in tomorrow afternoon (unless it's cancelled for an emergency) and have the op on Friday.  I didn't want to moan about my health but thought that you might wonder where I'd gone!

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