We're really into holiday mode, finding it difficult to get on the road before 11 o'clock.  And there's a such wonderful bird life visiting the feeders in our host's garden.  Today we saw a Cape sugarbird.  

W wanted to visit McGregor, which is apparently noted in certain circles for being somewhere to retire to.  We first drove down to Stormsvlei, as there is a farm shop on Google maps and we wanted to buy some marmalade.  There, we found a restaurant with a lovely garden, a cape wagtail trotting around, mother-in-laws tongue growing under a tree.  And a farm shop that stocked interesting local jams and gins, but no marmalade.  Never mind, fig jam on our toast is just as good, and more gin is also good! 

We retraced our route for a short distance before turning off on a dirt road towards McGregor.  We stopped to watch a troop of baboon cross the road, and then several times to take photos of the wonderful wide vistas of mountains (see extras).

In McGregor, we visited a number of art shops and galleries, bought a couple of things, and had lunch at a little restaurant called Tebaldi's.  

Then on leaving McGregor, we found the local wine maker doing free wine tasting - it would have been rude not to stop.  We sat under another venerable pepper tree to enjoy the wine (2nd extra).  

And finally, to top off a wonderful day, as we were driving back to our lodgings, I spotted a solitary buck in a field.  It obligingly stayed within photography range whilst we turned round, twice.  W identified it as a springbok, so it had to feature as the main blip, with another picture in extras.  It was in a field with some sheep, and appeared to be all alone - it may not be wild - perhaps a rescue?, or one that had been injured/abandoned? 

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