simple moments

By simplemoments

an unexpected...


one of the things which happens - (and you could call it delightful) - when you've gone through a catastrophe - is that you often end up - in unfamiliar situations - unexplored territory, dealing with feelings - emotions, circumstances which sometimes you'd rather - not be in, around - dealing with - just because it can be too overwhelming - at that particular moment

but then there are those rare, solitary - times when you're forced to be face-to-face - with a situation and it drops an unexpected treasure - in your lap that gives you pause - makes you go, 'huh!'

such was the case with this lovely dove - it's been hidden away for years - i totally forgot i had it - it got lost when i moved - last summer, couldn't find it - then forgot about it - because you know how life happens - and now, if not for a major catastrophe - occurring i never would've laid eyes - on it this quickly again - how fortuitous is that? - i'd say that makes it...


happy day.....

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