Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Shades of Icy Gray

The several inches of snow yesterday were followed by a wintry mess of ice and freezing rain...which left everything coated in ice this morning.  It actually looked quite magical with icicles hanging from every branch.  Hell to walk on, however.  Still, I managed to crab-walk out to my  hide, clear the ice from it, and tuck myself inside for a while.  Eventually the sun came out and the temps started climbing and, just like that, the fairy-land of ice was gone.  

I would not usually post a photo like this with all the branches clogging up the frame, but I actually like the way the ice makes it look.  Add a plain little dark-eyed junco clinging to a branch and... well, I just like it.  And besides, I didn't want to blip yet another Cardinal...  Although if you'd like to see one of the handsome boys, do check out Extra.  

Also, I posted several images from yesterday, taking during the snow, over on Flickr.  Four images, starting HERE.  Probably should have blipped one of them instead of the cowbird yesterday, but hey ho.  

Hubs and I hit the gym and now I'm off to run a few errands before working on my GBBC entries.  Then, meeting our financial advisor and his wife for dinner tonight which should be fun.  


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