Pictorial blethers

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Meeting at sea ...

There is nothing more I can do with my packing until I'm on the point of dragging it out to the car. It looks much as it did yesterday (and I'm amazed at the interest a desperate blip occasioned!) with the addition of a camera and the odd bottle ...(for water. That's all!)

So because the weather today was dry and the temperature much what I think is forecast for Malta at the weekend, we went for a blowy walk. This was taken in the last sunlight as it sank behind Bute; the meeting of the title is that of the two Rothesay ferries, whose paths cross off Toward point. The low light, the low tide, the low parallel lines of the waves coming on shore - these pleased me, and that's why I've chosen this photo. 

Yesterday I spent some time looking at old slides that a friend digitised for us. We didn't have a specially good camera at the time, so these images were of a much poorer quality than those taken a few years later, but we were amused to look at our young, recently-wed selves, the clothes, the hair ... How little we appreciate youth when we have it! I think I spent far too much time feeling self-conscious. 

Mr PB raised a point this afternoon: what happens if your phone dies between using the stored boarding pass to get through security and actually boarding the plane? I've never thought of it before, and now ...

Let us not think on't, so - it will drive us mad.

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