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Packing ...

This is the moment when it comes home to me what a difference one pair of trainers can make to the ease or otherwise of packing for a holiday ...

Several things contributed to this state of affairs today. First, I pack early just in case I have a panic and have to rethink. I've had the panic, have jettisoned a pair of trousers. Secondly, I now pack my case in the hall downstairs, simply because I'm not up to lugging even a relatively modest case downstairs when it's full. And third, and the main difference from over a dozen walking holidays abroad, the forecast suggests that the weather isn't going to be particularly balmy and will probably involve some rain. 

I travel on these holidays wearing my walking boots - far too big to pack. Usually the only other shoes I have are a pair of sandals, as we only have one day on which we don't hike. But if we're going to be walking about in temperatures that are going to be pretty well matched in Scotland, I think bare toes might be a bit miserable. All very logical. Pack the trainers and the sandals and bung everything else on top.

As you can see, the case is now pretty full. There are still oddments to go in. I'm glad I use packing cubes - it makes redistribution much easier, quite apart from the convenience when unpacking in a hotel. But that wee corner on the top left of the case is looking too small for what is still to go in it...

I'll be glad to get away. And yes, my walking poles are safely in the bottom of all this.

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