By dogwithnobrain

Those Were the Days....

today I received an email from a relative I have not met. 

she is the wife of my husband's cousin; put in touch with me, by her mother-in-law, my husband's aunty. 

families are complicated aren't they? 

himself's family more so than most. 

In the email - my "cousin-in-law" sent me several of himself's family photos - i particularly liked this one. 

All of the people in this photo I have met - although by the time I met his mum and dad they had long since parted.   His beloved gran in the photo and his Aunty - the one who put us all in touch. 

It's a lovely snippet of the past, a  past which was too short and fleeting and a past which never touched us. 

It set off a conversation between myself and our two.  They were fascinated - but unknowing of these people.   Their grandfather was obvious - the similarity is too clear.  They never met their grandmother - but they did meet their great gran and their great aunt. 

We did laugh lots though - I was stuck at one generation - in 1870's everyone appears to have been called Robert or Henry, or Robert Henry - and Mary and Ellen, or Mary Ellen seems to have begot with one or t'other, or both.   And now we have a photo of our Mary Ellen, and the Robert Henry begot of one Robert Henry or Another.  

No Descendents of King Edward in this family 


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