My thoughts, I confess, Verge on Dirty....

Wouldn't be allowed to sing that these days!

Just spent an hour in 1982, and I was completely transported back there.  Tight Fit, Haircut 100, ABC, The Associates, Yazoo, Wham, Culture Club, Madness and the Jam .... and a few others. 

Heavens above - Every song took me somewhere else.  That was a busy year.  Dexy's though -  I particularly remember it being Marymass in Irvine - my pal and I got the 9.30 bus over to Irvine and went to the Pub right off the bus.  Pubs that opened at 10 in the morning were a new and exciting thing to us .  

We drunk loads, and missed the parade.  We were too drunk to go to the races, and we certainly wouldn't have made the shows.  We staggered our way to the Jean shop in the bridgegate, and made ourselves at home in the back shop phoning up the Record shop in Glasgow and asking them what tickets for what gigs were on sale.  

We made it to John Menzie and bought 12" of Come On Eileen - and brought it back to the shop and played it to DEATH; whilst playing high tig low tig on the clothes hangers. 

When we left, the boys in the shop, came to the door and shouted, "shop lifters", and chased us to the Cross. 

We got on the bus, still singing, and laughing and headed back home -and promptly went up to the Anchorage and started all over again.  

Oh those were the days. 

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