Thought for the day

Shame the politicians, amongst others, don't just stop and think about it once in a while.

I've included the other two motto panels as extras. A few choice 'bon mots'.

These inscriptions are on the front of the Boys Club in Stirling. 21st November 1927 the Town Council of Stirling granted a building warrant for the construction of a “Boys Club” on the site of the old Butter and Poultry Market. It was opened two years later and was intended for use by boys who weren't already in the Scouts or the Boys Brigade. The Boys Club is still in use as a community centre but I think for more general purposes than originally intended. It's up at the Top of the Town - the part of Stirling near the castle - and is on quite a steep hill. It's difficult to photograph as it always looks squint.

I was on a very early morning walk with both dogs. It was really mild. There were quite a few visitors about. A bit more green gym in the garden this afternoon and another dog walk and suddenly I've done 16,000 steps. Time for a cup of tea.

Wishing everyone a good weekend

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