Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

I bought some tulips last week with the intent of using them for watercolour painting practice as well as a photo subject.  In the event, I found no time for either, and to make matters worst, they drank all the water without me noticing, so that one minute they were standing up bright and perky. and almost the next they had totally flopped.  I immediately gave them more water, and they picked up a bit, but today they must go as I have bought some more to replace them.

Even in their sorry, end of life, state, I was taken by the interesting textures of the dying petals, so dug out the black velour and white card reflectors for some of my favourite "creative flower photography" shots: no flash, just natual reflected sunlight and edits in Lightroom.  I also tried a B&W conversion (extra) to bring out the textures more.

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