But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Marigolds by Flash Light.

 I’m sure, at least, I hope that BikerBear has a sense of humour; and thanks, BB, for perennially hosting flower Friday.
Our day was delayed by having our central heating serviced in preparation for the summer; so, by the time we were home and unpacked from the shopping, it was dark; hence the odd Blip. 
These are my bee keeping gloves, freshly washed and ready for action when the rain starts to get a little warmer. I use marigolds in the interests of hygiene: they can be washed in hot soda solution in between apiary visits and cleaned with baby wipes at the apiary; that’s much better than the traditional chamois leather gloves that quickly became disgustingly dirty and were impossible to clean satisfactorily.

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