By tookie

Cowboy and the Mountain.....

After receiving some more postive about the eczemz treatment I'm undergoing with the Chinese herbalist my spirits were lifted....rather they soared so I decided to pack up Cowboy and my yak traks and head to the mountains and more SNOW.  Bottom line on the treatment is I will use some steroids to settle it all down in conjunction with his internal herbal remedies...he agreed we need to settle the eczema way down!  So off to the mountains on a note of hope!
      Cowboy rode along to my apt. and then to our adventure...He was delighted that we ended up at a snowy off leash park.  He danced around doing his "joy boy" run then seemed just to want to hang around me.  There were lots of other dogs who came to play, but Cowboy really was feeling cautious and inclined to just be with me.  It was so wonderful to feel a sense of "relief" that I could soon begin to have my skin clear up some to function more normally!  The beauty Mt. Si and the rivers converging in this area was breathtaking.  The sun actually was sooo bright I could barely see...didn't think to bring sunglasses.  We didn't stay long as we were very cold , but it was a good escape for me and for Cowboy.  I've included some shots from around the area in the extras.

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