jesusmaryandjoseph - who'd have thought it! 3000 blips - that's quite a lot isn't it! I've said it all before, several times by now,  but this is a very special site - warm, safe, welcoming, creative and full of interesting types! It's still a pleasure to zoom around the world and see what everyone is up to and still a challenge to keep the eyes open and the images coming. It had to be a window today (though I've put Kitchen Cove in as an extra - the sun finally came out this afternoon and it was lovely). This is a tiny window in a much bigger window - a spot of rather creative recycling in an old tower house,the original mortar made from sea pebbles and horses' blood apparently! The whole structure is now succumbing to the grip of the ivy.
A big thank you to everyone who swings by and sprinkles comments, stars and hearts. All very much appreciated.

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